To enable the facility to include aged care, a $2.5 million contribution to the building is needed from the community within four years of building commencing. A further $0.5 million is to be raised to contribute to the operational establishment of the community-owned and operated Akaroa Health Limited which will be the provider of services to the facility.


So far, an outstanding $1.2 million has been raised and we are delighted by the extraordinary support of the community. We are confident that through the continued combination of large and small donations we will get there. 

Every dollar makes a difference and there are so many ways that you can support us.

  1. Direct donations: see below 

  2. Organise your own fundraising activities: see below

  3. Donate now at our givealittle page

  4. Make a bequest: Paul de Latour would be happy to discuss this with you


We would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time, energy, and money to support this critical community facility!

Organise your own fundraising activity

Tremendous effort has gone into raising funds through events in the community.


We do need to protect the charity status of the Akaroa Community Health Trust by ensuring all funds raised in its name are donated to the Trust. We therefore ask that fundraising efforts that use the Akaroa Health Hub, Akaroa Community Health Trust or Akaroa Health names be approved. 


If you would like to raise funds for the Health Hub and have an idea for a fundraising event, please contact Gretchen Foster at or phone 021 613 227. Gretchen will ask you to/help you complete the ACHT Fundraising Form which you can download below.  We can help with publicity for your event, and all approved activities will be listed on this website and the Akaroa Community Health Trust Facebook page.


Download ACHT Fundraising Form here - either fill it in and email to or print, write on it and drop off at the Akaroa Butchery or post to Gretchen Foster, c/- Akaroa Community Health Trust, PO Box 161, Akaroa 7542

Direct Donations

Electronic banking (or at the BNZ in Akaroa):

Account Name: Akaroa Community Health Trust

Bank: BNZ

Account Number: 02-0832-0067283-000




If you would like a tax receipt, please email your postal address to

Please note: A donation tax receipt can be issued only for a cash donation given by an individual, company or Maori authority voluntarily, for no consideration, for no realisable benefit, receiving no good or service in return and imposing no material countervailing disadvantage on ACHT.


To: Akaroa Community Health Trust

Posted to: Akaroa Health, PO Box 161, Akaroa 7542

Please include your postal and email address so that

we are able to issue a receipt.

Automatic payments

You can set these up with your bank, or contact

Frances de Latour, ACHT Treasurer, for help with this.



Givealittle is a great way for friends of the Peninsula to contribute no

matter where they are.


Simply click on the link below to be taken to the Akaroa Health Centre

Givealitle page:

The Chair of the Fundraising Appeal is Paul de Latour who can be contacted at:


Paul de Latour

692 Okains Bay Rd RD 3

Akaroa 7583

Tel: 03 304 8518


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