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The best health and wellbeing for the Akaroa and Bays community 


to provide, improve, promote and protect the health of the entire community


Our Vision and Values

Our Values

People Focused
  • We put people first

  • We listen and learn

  • We insist on a culture of respect

  • We do the right thing

  • We celebrate our success

Equitable and Diverse
  • We lead by example

  • We welcome everyone equally

  • We value the views of others

  • We provide opportunities for all

  • We embrace differences

  • We make evidence based decisions

  • We continuously move forward

  • We are accountable

  • We operate with transparency

  • We reduce risk

Team Work
  • We trust and respect our colleagues

  • We keep a positive attitude

  • We value and develop our team

  • We leverage our strengths

  • We have fun

  • We treat people the right way

  • We show gratitude

  • We demonstrate empathy

  • We work with compassion

  • We are patient

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